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This is a very special moment when we are called to understand what needs to be transformed; that old paradigms, structures and situations no longer fit in our world, because they concern an old reality that no longer makes sense.

Although we know that we need to be transformed, we sometimes feel frightened or somehow coerced to keep things as they are.
The energy of fear, insecurity, and coercion only makes things more challenging.
For if we do not change, life will change for us. And in this case, everything tends to be more drastic.

We need to go beyond fear, with the courage of the Soul, who knows what is best for us, even if there is resistance.

We are naked before an old reality that is crumbling. Old systems, logics and structures that have their days numbered, either personally or collectively.

We are also being confronted with our shadow, our inner ghosts, years of servitude and guilt, which now must fall to the ground so that we may be more authentic to our truth.

It is our responsibility to raise awareness and transformation that bring us closer to our essence.

It is quite a job this evolutionary crossing. But you can no longer postpone it.

May it be done with awareness and flexibility.

Saturn & Pluto


Saturn & Pluto

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