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The Geminian lunation, which started on May 22 and runs until June 21, focuses on: learning, communication, expression, versatility, contacts and multiplicity of interests.

Sun and Moon in Gemini, in the New Moon aspect Saturn in Aquarius, signaling the importance of developing knowledge, tools and expertise that help to implement new activities, projects and solutions with the help of technology, groups, friends, through sharing information.

It is essential to open the mind to new possibilities, seeing the various angles of situations and understanding that we are eternal learners in the school of life.

Excellent time to start new studies, ideas and contacts that take a more versatile and plural look at reality.

Mercury and Venus (retrograde) are together and in contact with Neptune on this new Moon.

A sign that we should bring the head and heart, the mind and the affections closer, reviewing emotional attitudes and relationships, as well as tastes, thoughts and speeches, being careful with the tendency to illusion and excessive idealization.

For artists, writers, musicians and all those who use sensitivity, imagination and inspiration there can be a stimulus to a very special creative flow.

However, not only creatives - and we are all, in some way, artists and creators of our reality - care must be taken with the tendency to disperse in innumerable ideas and interests, which can hinder the effective realization of what we want to undertake.

Words and movements air this new time, even though they are more movements of the mind than of the body.

Gemini Lunation


Gemini Lunation

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