AstrologyNew cycle

We are experiencing a new cycle, inspired by the lunation in the sign of Virgo, which began with the new moon on 30 August.
Favorable time to sow new intentions, attitudes and projects related to work, health, quality of life and personal improvement.

Discern, organize, simplify, make practical and productive, do fine, develop technique and skill, observe details, act with humility, be healthier, have positive habits, reap what is not essential, seek improvements and be helpful. favored attitudes over the next few days.

In addition to Sun and Moon conjuction in Virgo (which characterizes the new moon) we also have Mercury, Venus and Mars leveraging the energy of this earth sign.
The planets make contact with Uranus, signaling news, surprises and changes, which connect us with more independent, original and creative attitudes.

The period is very special: prepare the ground and trust the sowing!
The sacred fits into everyday life. Awareness, lucidity and improvement for the health of body and soul and for work connected with our true purpose.

New cycle


New cycleNew cycleNew cycleNew cycleNew cycleNew cycle
New cycle

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