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October promises awareness and change, with important decisions that will guide the final months of 2019 and the year of 2020.

We need consideration, balance and willingness to compromise.

However, this will have to be done amid deep transformations in relationships.

There is a tendency to intensify energies, emotions and events throughout the month, with the admission of Mercury and Venus in Scorpio and later from the Sun.

Pluto ends the retrograde movement, emphasizing the death of what is no longer and the rebirth of what is most authentic in us.

It is with courageous honesty that we will have to go through our reinvention.

What may seem like an abyss contains the warning of our rebirth.

We are healing.
Healing so often hurts because it interferes with wounded ancestors.
It's time to face them.
We can only be reborn by cleaning up what prevents us from truly Being.

There are many forms of Being.
May we be authentic in accepting and acknowledging ourselves.
This will change the dynamics of relationships.

Let us be kind to ourselves and others, with our eyes wide open on what is being transformed.
Let us let go.
Let's know to let it come.

October Astral


October Astral

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