You are - or life is for you - reaping.
There is a lot of power in the cut.
You think that luck is unwanted, but it is the death of what has been, is the north of what will come.
It will turn everything inside out for a fresh start.
The old structures now collapse in less time.
For the time has come when awareness and transformation can no longer be postponed.

No longer take time to see what you didn't want to see before.
Realize your limitations and fears, which lead to the repetition of patterns and defensive attitudes.
Check your rigidity, which inhibits and stiffens you.
Become aware of what shakes your wounds and structures.
It is not by resisting that things are resolved.
Develop more autonomy.
Righteousness is being flexible.
The defenses you have built become walls that separate and isolate.

To whom or to whom do you give authority over your life?
Stop assigning responsibilities to yourself.
Take your power.
Say no whenever necessary, setting clear and healthy boundaries.
Saying no is what makes yes to who you really are.

Have your time. Take your time. That's all you have.
No more delay. But don't run over.

If the plans that once gave you shelter are no longer solid, it is for you to rediscover your life and understand that an old system is crumbling.
I didn't just fall on you; makes collective noise.
Old structures no longer structure.
But you have everything in your hands for your reconstruction.
That is the question…




In tune with the universe