AstrologySagittarius Lunation

To manifest and materialize it is first necessary to conceive in the mind, soul, actions.

In the Sagittarius lunation the intention is to broaden horizons, to see further, to search for meaning, to go beyond the rational mind and to glimpse wisdom.

We are all seekers, pilgrims of evolution, and each Being has its way.

Spirituality, culture, knowledge, travel, idealism, trust and joy are the energies that make it possible to manifest the intentions of this lunation.

Instinct and wisdom are completed in the centaur of Sagittarius.

After so many challenges it's time to look up, manifesting the invisible into the visible.

What is conceived in the mind, the next lunation of Capricorn will translate into reality.

Let us sow the flights of our evolution.

Real is what inspires us to go beyond old conceptions.

By honoring our truth we break free and open ourselves to a new reality.

Sagittarius Lunation


Sagittarius Lunation

In tune with the universe