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We have reached one of the most important moments of 2019!
Scorpio's lunation, powerful for new intentions and attitudes, will unfold throughout November and mark the most transformative and amazing time of 2019.

Scorpio lunation calls on all of us for a profound surrender to the transformative processes that stir emotions, taboos, sexuality, previously repressed and hidden aspects and the realization of what is dying in us so that we can be reborn with all power. and personal truth that it means.
It is the seed of our total reinvention, since the new moon looks like Uranus.

There is a strong yearning for a more authentic life, freed from old conditioning patterns.
You have to be very honest with yourself to face what must die and bring out what you passionately want to live.

There are obstacles that we need to face, arising from fears and limitations that try to curb what we already know within (Mars / Saturn).

Let us look bravely at our unconscious holds, for they are what makes our change difficult.
But in them are also the treasures that reveal the most unique, unique and free things we have.

The purpose of this lunation is to liberate all that we are no longer.
Deep down we know what we need to release, release, eliminate.
Releasing pain is necessary to embrace with passion and intensity who we are, paying the price of our authenticity.

This cycle will bring many surprises, news, changes and breaks.
It is death and rebirth, horny of a new life.

Scorpion Lunation


Scorpion Lunation

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