There is always a moment of beginning, of a new time. The seed, only. Embryonic, but full of life. Of primitive force. Instinctive spark of all the courage to start.
It is the first step in the measure itself. New airs, new Aries. The fire that comes in, always igniting.
Listen to the sunrise, everything has the same voice. Armed with courage, in life travel, dare to start: passion and instinct. Conquer yourself.

The symbol of Aries is the ram.
First sign of the fire element, represents impulsivity, initiative, action, urgency, courage, immediacy.
Aries is combat, the use of force and initiative, the pursuit of self-affirmation.
Aries motivation is directed toward decisive action, overcoming obstacles.
Sign of spontaneity in reactions, which are immediate.
Aries first acts, then reflects.
Characteristics: independence, action, courage, pioneering spirit, leadership, candor, self-assertion, physical strength, aggressiveness, stubbornness, selfishness, quick disinterest.
Immediate sign, with difficulty persisting, and can change goals frequently.
There is a tendency in Aries to fight for a cause where their energy is engaged.

Ruling Planet: Mars

Action, motivation, achievement drive, need for self-affirmation, sexual drive, activity, courage, strength, personal will. How one affirms and expresses one's desires. Way to act, which motivates us to act.
Ares, to the Greeks, son of Zeus and Hera, fell in love with Aphrodite's beauty. Depicted with a spear and a shield. Worshiped as god of storms, war and human conquests. Had as father of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome.
Fire element. Energy and spontaneity, enthusiasm, passion and creativity. The important thing is to be (“burn”), rather than feel, do or know. ARIES is the initial fire, the spark of life that ignites all around, enthusiasm, impulse.



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