Saturn, god of time, his limits and sickle, his wise caution to want.
The power of time is the power of the fruit that recognizes its purpose.
Climbing mountains, removing rocks from the path.
Learning to recognize the limits, not being enslaved by fear.
Mastery and excellence, in the slow things take their final form.

Ruled by Saturn, the lord of time and reason, Capricorn represents stability, effort, ambition, time, excellence, solid and lasting achievements, determination to overcome obstacles, resilience.
Sign oriented to work, discipline, persistence.
Capricorn is the established order and the effort toward the summit of accomplishments.
Characteristics: responsibility, duty, work, prudence, seriousness, repression, isolation, depression, difficulty relaxing, feeling, because it is focused on the practical and fulfilling aspect.
It must make the fruits of your effort solid and durable. But also to deal more fluidly with emotions so as not to stiffen.

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Structure, discipline, perseverance, stability, materialization, sense of duty, wisdom gained over time and experience. Fears, boundaries, inhibitions, rigidity, effort, authority, motivation for safety through concrete achievements, need for social approval and reliance on one's own resources and work.
Kronos, as the Greeks called it, was the god of time. Younger son of Uranus and Gaea, he castrated his father to rule the world. He devoured his children, alerted by a prophecy that predicted he would lose the throne to one of his sons (Zeus). He was lord of the universe for an age, considered the age of gold and love. He was honored on saturnals, parties where masters served slaves.
The earth element is sensation, senses, perceiving the visible, enjoying the pleasures that the physical world provides. Reality, the concrete side, the pursuit of stability and security, productivity and a sense of form and proportion. CAPRICORN is the stripped earth but containing the germ of life: reflection, patience, construction, organization, social growth.



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