The word takes up the chest and the divisions are tried to dispel.
That the voices are not tired, which are so many, inside, outside, tongues, streets and arteries.
In words and movements we connect. We have learned. Are.
We sow ideas to winds and beings that can pollinate them.
The means, the ways. Mobility, flexibility.
Wings on the head and heels. Mercury messenger, Gemini think.

The symbol of gemini indicates restlessness, curiosity, inconstancy.
Sign that symbolizes duality.
First sign of the air element, represents intelligence, communication, mental connections, movement and relationship with the surrounding environment.
The Regency of Mercury signals the search for mental understanding and the desire for freedom of expression and movement.
Characteristics: intelligence, instability, variety of interests, curiosity, mutability, dispersion, versatility, superficiality.
Gemini relates to what is around them through communication and seeking mental understanding.

Regent Planet: Mercury

Conscious mind, thought, communication and personal expression, perception ability, mental ability, mental and physical movement. Mercury is the mind: perception of the environment and relationship with the environment through the senses.
For the Greeks Hermes, the transformer of energies. God protector of merchants, of travel, of eloquence, and also of thieves. It symbolizes intelligence, communication, cunning, cleverness. Messenger of the gods of Olympus, represented by a young man with wings on his heels.
Air element: emphasis on theories and ideas, on the ability to mentally abstract, communicate and relate to something or someone. Logical and objective approach. Air is the relationship between beings and experiences. Thought. GEMINI: A light wind with no definite direction - the first contacts, the relationship with the near environment.



In tune with the universe