Horizons open with smile, confidence, with the faith of wanderings and the learning of the way.
Right target archer. Pilgrim, seeker, in the travels of body and mind.
The soul wants new landscapes, languages, cultures, truths.
World map, my place.

Sagittarius represents the expansion of horizons, which can be physical, mental, cultural, spiritual.
It is the pursuit of meaning, meaning, wisdom.
The symbol of the sign, the arrow, represents the goals, the ideals, always aimed at new targets.
Characteristics: idealism, freedom, adventure, expansion, openness, aspirations, broad horizons, optimism, playfulness, intuition, prophetic gift, exaggeration, fanaticism, dogmatism.
Sagittarius has the mission of spreading the knowledge, passing on the teachings and experiences that are acquired throughout life.
Represented in the mythological figure of the centaur (half animal, half human) symbolizing the search for union between instincts and knowledge.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

The Expansion Principle: Physics - Great Distances, Travel, Record Highs - Games, Protectors, Mental / Cultural Riches - Studies, Knowledge, Languages, University, Spiritual Teachers - Religiosity, Philosophy, Faith, `` Luck`` . Jupiter is growth, evolution, blessing, need for improvement and faith, desire to make sense of life. Jupiter is the expansion of horizons, the motivation to link to something bigger, and thus grow.
For the Greeks, Zeus, the most important of the gods, owner of heaven and earth, representative of justice on Olympus. Son of Saturn and Cybele. The mother managed to hide it from the father, who devoured his own children. God of lightning and thunder, Jupiter overcame Saturn, forcing him to vomit the brothers Neptune and Pluto, thus conquering the world. Zeus was loving and had a fondness for mortals. He sought intensely for the satisfaction of his desires.
Fire element. Energy and spontaneity, enthusiasm, passion and creativity. The important thing is to be (“burn”), rather than feel, do or know. SAGITTARIUS is the dominated fire used: knowledge, the expansion of horizons.



In tune with the universe