Rays of the new seduce the avant-garde souls.
Unexpectedly. Suddenly. Future of the present.
Reverse the order. Create a new order.
Revolutionary is reinventing itself.
Change, rupture, epiphany.

Aquarius is a progressive, avant-garde sign, ruled by Uranus, planet of change, innovation and surprise.
Sign that represents the future, social reforms, the alternative, the unconventional.
Aquarians value freedom, independence, friendship and brotherhood.
They are unpredictable, idealistic and inventive.
Characteristics: originality, intuition, humanitarianism, impersonal affection, rebellion, eccentricity, restlessness.
Technology, inventions, humanitarian ideals, innovation, groups, friendship, and astrology itself have affinity for Aquarian energy.

Regent planet: Uranus

The future, the unexpected, the sudden changes, the ruptures with the established, the new order, progress, freedom, independence, innovation, insight, creativity, intuition, originality, inventiveness, individuality. What changes or surprises, that breaks or creates. Evolution, revolution. Technology, new discoveries and achievements, modernity and telecommunications. Friendship, impersonal affection.
At the beginning of the universe, Gea, the mother earth, gave birth to Uranus, the sky. Uranus later married his own mother, with whom he had several children, but buried them all in the center of the earth. Revolted, Gea asks her sons to fight their father. Saturn obeys: castrates Uranus with his mother's sickle and takes the place of the oldest of the Greek gods.
Air element: Emphasis on theories and ideas, on the ability to mentally abstract, communicate and relate to something or someone. Logical and objective approach. Air is the relationship between beings and experiences. Thought. AQUARIUS: the air of the peaks - idealism, progress, the global relationship (beyond borders).



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