What we take care of will take care of us. What we nourish will nourish us.
Return to fruitful stillness, generation, formation, Ouroboros.
The feminine power. Of what was outraged, forgotten.
In the trunk of memories follows the song that calls you back home.
The home of your soul.
What has the power to thrill you has the power to transform you.

The graphic symbol of cancer suggests a protective closure, a nest, a shelter, symbolizing pregnancy and motherhood.
First sign of water element represents sensitivity, feeling, emotional nutrition.
The crab is of careful movement, protected by its shell, living between water and land.
Sign ruled by the moon, which is the domain of the unconscious, emotions, dream, imagination.
Characteristics: protection, receptivity, feelings, sensitivity, tenderness, artistic creativity, intuition, lack, lunatic behavior, fantasy, impressionability, vulnerability, insecurity, difficulty cutting the umbilical cord and breaking with the past.
The Cancerian is a being who lives by his feelings and imagination, with great sensitivity and intuition. It has phases, like the moon.

Ruling Planet: Moon

Instinctive reactions, childhood. The emotional center of the person; how do you perceive the maternal role; crystallized habits; conditioning; the unconscious; self image; yearning for home and emotional security; kind of personal sensitivity.
Woman, daughter or sister of the sun, this way the moon appears in the mythology of several peoples. To the Greeks, it was Selene, who owned a fast silver car. Then Artemis, goddess of childbirth and fertility, a hunter whose bow is a crescent moon.
Water is feeling, emotion, subjectivity, instinct, imagination, dream, mediumship, depth, psychic power. Language of the heart and emotions. CANCER is the primordial water of fountains, which protects offspring and what is fragile, sensitivity, imagination.



In tune with the universe