In the deepest, the most intense, where you fear, is your darkness and your treasure.
The poison that purged heals. The phoenix rising from the ashes. The lotus flower that is born of mud.
Deep down the truth of the bowels.
Dive the soul into the deep end of the Renaissance.
To die every moment. For only thus one lives.

Scorpio is the deep relationship, as it is a water element sign, of strong emotions. Represents the transformation phase of the zodiac.
It is the emotional intensity, the passion, the sex, the mysteries, the unconscious, the taboos, the power, the shared resources.
Characteristics: Depth, sexuality, emotional involvement, persistence, intuition, healing, distrust, compulsion, control, power struggles.
Pluto's ruler signals that scorpion has a potential healer, as it is oriented to the core of the experiences, the mysteries, the occult, sexuality.
You must be aware of your instincts and emotions so that they have no destructive power.

Regent Planet: Pluto

Subtle power, regeneration, transformation, death and rebirth. Depth, intensity, compulsions, sex, unconscious plane, mysteries, magic, the occult. Healing and transformative energy, depths, hidden resources. Transformation of personal will into spiritual will.
To the Greeks, Hades, god of the deep underground. Lord of hell, reigned over the dead. To reach their lands, it was necessary to cross the river Aqueronte, on whose banks was a barge, directed by Charon. Hades wanted a wife, and for that he kidnapped Persephone, who became queen of hell. Hades comes from “aitho”: to burn, to transmute by fire.
Water is feeling, emotion, subjectivity, instinct, imagination, dream, mediumship, depth, psychic power. Language of the heart and emotions. Scorpion is the water of the marshes: mystery, transformation, magnetism.



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