The smile of a child, a loving hug, a work of art.
Heart: the source, the purpose, the path.
It is natural to shine when light comes from the heart.
Create, creature, creativity.

Sign of creative, affective and leadership strength.
It is the fire element in its majesty and exuberance.
Leo seeks recognition, love, admiration, and because of this can express himself firmly, dramatically or arrogantly and authoritarian.
It is governed by the sun, which gives brightness and creativity.
It has the ability to warm and illuminate by the light emanating from the heart.
Characteristics: emotion, creative force, power, command, generosity, spontaneity, intuition, leadership, pride, vanity, drama, inflated ego. Leo tends to be the center of attention and this particularity can be expressed positively or negatively.

Ruling Planet: Sun

Vitality, individuality, essence, personal identity, personal will and energy, energy with which the soul is most identified, the center of the individual, consciousness, the need to express oneself and to be recognized.
The sun has been worshiped as God by many ancient peoples. In Egypt it was Amon-Ra, then Aton, the only god, paving the way for monotheistic religions. To the Greeks and Romans it was first Helios, the god who led a horse of fire, and then Apollo, the god of light, prophecy, music, poetry, and various other attributes.
Fire element. Energy and spontaneity, enthusiasm, passion and creativity. The important thing is to be (“burn”), rather than feel, do or know. LEO is fire at the height of its power: strength, authority.



In tune with the universe