I have the sea as a guide. He is my manumission.
The sea is a sky in reverse, a reflection cut out, a mirror from within and from above.
The sea is the plunge into mystery, mirror of the ethereal
where all the rivers emotions flow.
The sea is turn on and turn me on
Communion connection.

Pisces is the end of the zodiac, the ocean of vibrations, the ethereal, the subtleties.
The mists of illusion or divine perception.
Neptune's rulership represents contact with the invisible, the subtle plane, the sensitivity, the mediumship, the faith, the sacrifice, as sacro-office, which can lead the natives of the sign to the role of martyr, or victim.
Characteristics: intuition, sensitivity, inspiration, art, spirituality, impressionability, mediumship, imagination, empathy, dreams, fantasy, illusion, confusion, escapism.
The best direction for this water sign is to seek spiritual and creative development so that its sensitivity is positively channeled.

Regent Planet: Neptune

Universal love, unconditional, empathy, compassion, the etheric, astral plane, the subtle dimensions, inspiration, devotion, ideals, dreams, mediumship, mysticism, faith, arts, imagination, ecstasy, fantasy. It is subtlety or illusion. The pursuit of the ideal.
Roman god of the seas, oceans, fountains, and lakes (Poseidon to the Greeks), was the protector of navigators. With its trident, it gave rise to waters of the earth, but also caused storms, rising seas, and earthquakes. He was a god both feared and revered.
Water is feeling, emotion, subjectivity, instinct, imagination, dream, mediumship, depth, psychic power. Language of the heart and emotions. AXES is the water of the oceans, in which all rivers come to merge: osmosis, empathy.



In tune with the universe