Taurus knowledge is the taste with which one sips life.
The body and its affective, creative, sensual power. Alert directions.
Honor the seeds. Grow crops. Enjoy. Materialize what is valuable.
Aphrodite's blessings evoke love and business that value stability, continuity, the breeding ground for prosperity.
Without tangling in the maze of desires and attachments, made minotaur.

Taurus is the symbol of productivity and persistence, of slow and purposeful pace. First sign of the earth element, linked to physical sensations.
The regency of Venus signals affection and sensuality.
This sign represents the pursuit of stability and security, with a tendency to possessiveness and accumulation, which creates difficulty with changes.
Taurus prefers the safe and known paths. Characteristics: patience, persistence, sensuality, stability, sense of form and aesthetics, accommodation, stubbornness, obstinacy, materialism, jealousy.
Affectionate-driven Taurus (or materialist) eagerly pursues its goals, but must understand when it is necessary to let go and change.

Ruling Planet: Venus

Ability to attract, affectivity, what one values ​​or appreciates, how feelings are expressed. The art, the harmony, the relationships, the pleasure provided by the physical sensations. Possessions that provide satisfaction. Attitude toward the material world: nature, the earth and its resources, sensory pleasures including music and art, and personal resources themselves.
Goddess of art, love and beauty, to the Romans is Aphrodite. When Saturn castrated his father Uranus to seize his power, his organs were thrown overboard on the shores of Cyprus, and from this union Venus was born. It is often depicted coming out of the waves in a sea shell. Wife of Vulcan, Venus betrayed him with Ares and had children also with Hermes and Poseidon.
The earth element is sensation, senses, perceiving the visible, enjoying the pleasures that the physical world provides. Reality, the concrete side, the pursuit of stability and security, productivity and a sense of form and proportion. TAURUS is the individual growth, of absorbing and accumulating, growing. It is fertile, receptive land: stability, sensuality.



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