Bring to the ground, purify, so that one learns to distinguish the fruits of what was planted, the daily serve.
So many things to clean up.
Fruits of what has been planted. Everyday serve.
In the little things the grandeur of life.
The earth nourishes those who work with exquisite and simplicity.

This sign symbolizes the need to separate the chaff from the wheat, focusing on the selection, refinement and quality of what is done.
It seeks discrimination in order to reach a perfect reality.
The Virgo symbol depicts purification and the harvest.
Characteristics: desire to serve and be useful, practical mind, analysis, order, improvement, dedication, detail, perfectionism, criticism, demand, restlessness, feeling of guilt or inferiority.
Work, health and quality of life are important factors. There is a tendency towards somatization.
Virgo has a lot to collaborate on, especially in perfecting instruments, techniques and work.

Regent Planet: Mercury

Conscious mind, thought, communication and personal expression, perception ability, mental ability, mental and physical movement. Mercury is the mind: perception of the environment and relationship with the environment through the senses.
For the Greeks Hermes, the transformer of energies. God protector of merchants, of travel, of eloquence, and also of thieves. It symbolizes intelligence, communication, cunning, cleverness. Messenger of the gods of Olympus, represented by a young man with wings on his heels.
The earth element is sensation, senses, perceiving the visible, enjoying the pleasures that the physical world provides. Reality, the concrete side, the pursuit of stability and security, productivity and a sense of form and proportion. VIRGIN is the land harvested, used: structuring, selection and improvement.



In tune with the universe