Living with Soul

What will remain
after everything perishes
It's just affection
that connected you
with your Soul and touched hearts
It therefore deals with
To live with Alma.


Open your eyes and pay attention to what's inside
on the many sides of everything
on the many roads in each place

Take back your feeling
your flow
that's enough for you
shut up

The voice and turn
the complexion


If your gift moves you, remove everything that limits you from manifesting it.
It materializes and does not paralyze for fear of failing or losing.
It is your fear that prevents you.
Your resources are greater than your excuses.
Honor your values ​​and treasures.
There is so much in you!
Overflow with the most precious you have.
It is your gift to the world and to you.
Sleeping resources, in shaky times, ask to come to light.


Build the new Earth
It's not chimera, it's necessity

If the plans that once gave you shelter are no longer solid
It is for you to rediscover your life
Old structures no longer structure
The old system
To emerge
A new Being


In the firmament
the confinement
the time has come
of an unprecedented transformation

In the west
of the old reality
the rebirth of nature
and humanity


Climb your personal mountain, rising to the highest of you, knowing the stones and the tests you have already passed.

Your tallest is not a matter of ego.
It is the soul's purpose that you can no longer deny.

Step by step you will reap as much as your mind and your actions will plant.
You only go where you can see yourself.

Try to understand that you create your reality.
Take responsibility for your living.
Everything is materializing almost instantly.
Observe, act and you will reap.


Your values, gifts, talents
Your gifts, earnings
How you use what you have (and what you have is not just matter)
How you reinvent yourself, you discover

Let go of what is no longer precious to you
Valuable is what awakens you to who you truly are
In this journey, people, behaviors and situations will leave you on the road
It is part of your waking up, because you lived so long dormant

You are prosperous in honoring your gifts
You have the resources you need
To accomplish your purpose

Wake up!
No more strings that hold you
What is no longer your reality

Everything is changing
And preparing you
Your new life
It's the farewell of what you were
To embrace who you are


I soon discovered the very

at least the maximum

that nature is prosperous

in the fruits it bestows

when taking care of the earth

Life calls for care

in the buds of the unseen

for the fruits to manifest

in the beauty of the beholder


What you invest your time is what your being dresses
Strive for what time will not take
Build what the storm won't affect

Time is the invention of what builds you
Reality that endures and structures

Collect your wreckage
The firm bones of what builds you
The old form has lost its shape
No more formula that comes from outside and welcomes what is already dead inside

Empower yourself to what only you can do for yourself
Good sense of your building
Own your time
Authority, authorship


The strength of what you leave behind
The strength of what lies behind
What's inside
And it's from the soul I intend

The strength of instinct
Survival after the storm
To understand the torment
And make it the power of your rebirth

The strength of what you do in silence
Far from investigative and compulsive eyes
Who doesn't understand your motives
And manipulates and wants to control what is not possession or control

Eagle look and phoenix attitude
You know in the core
What purifies you, heals

Look ahead
You're no longer numb
From your own reborn condition




In tune with the universe