Guidance & wandering

Realize the threshold between the reverie that alienates you and what connects you with possible worlds that begin in your imagination.
Do not disregard your psychic, physical, emotional boundaries.
You're destined, fated.
The fado of your song
The burden of your illusion.
Listen to what goes inside
It is the warmth of things to come.
Receive the guidance.
It is the turn of your wanderings.
Bathe in what you wash and take.


Set limits on what limits you.
Give form to what is valuable to you as you make the intimate reformation.
You are not a finished project.
You are a Being under construction.
Remove the stones from the path by treating lightly what is heavy.
Observe your defense mechanisms, patterns and conditionings.
Getting real is not falling, it is evolution.


Wake up to your deals
Search the middle way
The best choice is the one that promotes peace.
Balance what gets you off the axis
What you see outside is a reflection of what you are inside.
And the ones you find along the way
These are other faces of who you are


Beauty explodes in what is hidden

As it may be supposed, to transpose

Transparencies imply what imagination has already raged

All sides, fados, flamencos

Flank gestures dance

In the hips of your being


At all times and spaces
In the hugs given
In embarrassed dreams
What is left of us

In the mists, in the mysteries, in the sacred
In compassion, in reaching out
In dreams, prayers and signs
Life is much longer
What they try to tell us.


Believing possible is the first step in accomplishing what once seemed unreachable.
Let's go as far as our mind reaches.
It expands now as new horizons await our eyes.
In the vastness of new possibilities we find that more important than arrival is the journey.
Let us enjoy each step in the new spaces we will occupy.
The unknown is more familiar than we think.
We want more from life and she wants more from us.
Far is a place that does not exist, when in us insists a wider way of seeing.


I followed dreams that went beyond traits and plans
I changed routes, traces
The step no longer locked in the past
The step not so fast
Being in the now is daily exercise
No time or schedule
No itinerary
It is my place


I can only see beauty
with the nudity of a new look
about the same things
and roads that I crossed.
They did not change
I was the one who changed.


You seek the transcendence that elevates you beyond ordinary everyday life, for in your heart you know that life is much more than meeting schedules and goals.

Remember, however, that transcendence is not being deceived by mists that try to erase the pain of the unlived.
Escape and escapism will not bring you what you seek.

Looks deep inside and up. What you find in this glance represents your true journey.

Everything about you yearns for something else.
The most is what thrills you.
It is in the grandeur of the heart that you rise to the sublime.

But do not project too much on others an image that does not correspond to them.
For so you delude yourself into the ocean of disillusionment.
Your relationships and heart appreciate the greatness of seeing things as they are.

Keep dreaming. But do not look in distorted images for the true measure of what is in your Soul.


Take on your light, knowing how to deal with shadows.
Be who you are with the strength of your heart.
Clarity comes by hearing the voice of the heart.
Honor your talents, creativity, what you do with passion and pleasure.
Do not let pride and ego keep you from expressing your light.
Majesty is what you are, not what you try to look like.
Perish for all that you are not.
Allow yourself to be more loving, warm, creative.
The light is made by living with love.

Light & Shadow


Light & ShadowLight & ShadowLight & ShadowLight & ShadowLight & ShadowLight & Shadow
Light & Shadow

In tune with the universe